Young Jeezy

Tequila Avion: Rapper Young Jeezy New Multicultural Advisor

Let it pour. Atlanta based rapper Young Jeezy is on the entrepreneurial track with Tequila Avion. Although the beverage market is dominated by music heavy weights Jay-Z and Diddy – Jeezy has proven that he is not afraid to enter into the terrain.

According to Black Enterprise:

Ken Austin, Founder and Chairman of Tequila Avion, and Jeezy, have announced that the artist will become their Multicultural Advisor. Jeezy will share his distinctive insight into the multicultural consumer to help guide Mr. Austin.

Liquor and hair care are big markets to tackle, so this relationship could be a fruitful and lucrative one. Artists do so much free promotion in their music and videos that they might as well get into bed with the brands that they freely advertise for.

Young Jeezy notes:

“I have been a tequila fan for many years and because of this, people are always telling me to try their tequila and claiming theirs is the best. I have tried them all, but when I tried Avion for the first time, the quality, luxury packaging and smooth taste blew me away, so I wasn’t surprised to learn it was voted the ‘world’s best tasting tequila.’ When Ken asked me why I included Avion in my music and social channels, I told him it was purely for the love of the product.”

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